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OrthoScan HD Mini C-Arm

The OrthoScan HD Mini C-Arm is half the size and 28% lighter than the competition

OrthoScan HD Mini C-Arm

OrthoScan HD Overview

OrthoScan HD Mini C-Arm is half the size and 28% lighter than the competition. The smaller size facilitates ease of movement and improves maneuverability. We are putting control back in the surgeon’s hands and making a difference in the experience for every user.

OrthoScan HD automatically adjusts to metal, motion, and varying anatomy. The accurate adjustments of the OrthoScan HD Mini C-Arm allow the operator to use less fluoro time (less dose) and accurately view anatomy. It allows the surgeon to focus on the patient rather than equipment.

OrthoScan HD brings the surgery closer to you. The superior display size of the image allows for more precise evaluation of images taken and enables users to analyze fine details of the image at a distance. The “live” image is 38% larger than our competition’s largest image. Just like viewing a big screen TV from across a living room, it is easier to see a larger image at a distance. The resolution of the OrthoScan HD enables the highest quality of imaging detection through superior gray scale and exceptional clarity. The improved diagnostic quality provides the ability to detect hairline fractures that may have been overlooked.

OrthoScan HD has a simple interface that allows the user to perform basic imaging with little, if any, preparation. The custom keyboard allows single key access to most functions. The features are accessible, intuitive, and – for the most part – automatic.


EMR Image Link
Enables EMR connectivity with the OrthoScan HD. OrthoScan is the only mini c-arm capable of automatically transferring images to your EMR system. (US customers only).

The OrthoScan HD can be equipped with two types of printers: Small Format: 3.5″ x 3.5″ print on thermal paper Large Format: 5″ x 7″ print on thermal paper or blue film.

Wireless Communication
The OrthoScan HD can be equipped with an encrypted wireless 802.11 a/b/g communication system, enabling a secure communication with your HIPAA compliant records system.

  • 1K x 1 Camera and Monitor
  • 18″LCD High Resolution Flat Panel Monitor
  • Dual K Ca Mode: 6″ and 4″ Cesium Iodide Intensifier
  • Power Range 40-75KVp
  • 50 Micron Focal Spot X-ray Source
  • Center Mounted ISO-Centric C-arm
  • Custom embedded Operating System
  • Single Key Operation USB
  • Archival
  • 4,000 Image Storage Capacity
  • Maintenance Included
  • Service Included
  • Training & Techs Available

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