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GE LightSpeed PRO 16 Slice CT Scanner

The GE LightSpeed PRO 16 Slice CT Scanner provides high resolution, 3D Images, across a wide range of CT machine applications

GE LightSpeed PRO Overview

The GE LightSpeed 16 PRO CT Scanner is a high-speed computed tomography system designed for high-resolution imaging. With its advanced technology and features, it allows for quick and accurate diagnosis while reducing radiation dose to patients.

This scanner features a 16-detector row that captures detailed images with exceptional clarity and precision. It offers fast image acquisition, producing high-quality images in seconds, reducing wait times for patients and improving workflow for healthcare providers. Additionally, the LightSpeed 16 PRO CT scanner offers a range of dose management tools to minimize radiation exposure, making it a safer option for patients.

Other key features of this scanner include a wide range of clinical applications, including neurology, cardiology, and oncology. Its advanced software allows for automatic image processing and analysis, providing detailed and accurate images for diagnosis and treatment planning.


High-speed imaging: The LightSpeed 16 PRO is capable of capturing images at a high speed, allowing for more rapid scanning and diagnosis.

16-slice imaging: The scanner is equipped with 16-slice imaging technology, providing a higher level of detail and clarity in images.

Low-dose imaging: The scanner features advanced low-dose imaging capabilities, which can help reduce patients’ exposure to radiation during scans.

Advanced cardiac imaging: The LightSpeed 16 PRO is equipped with advanced cardiac imaging capabilities, allowing for high-resolution imaging of the heart and surrounding blood vessels.

Dual energy imaging: The scanner features dual energy imaging capabilities, which can help distinguish between different types of tissue and enhance diagnostic accuracy.

Easy-to-use interface: The scanner features an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes it easy for radiologists and technicians to operate and adjust settings as needed.


Lightspeed 16 is designed to deliver, diagnostic confidence, technologies that help you deliver great care and financial performance (speed, simplicity and productivity).

  • Helios (H2) Air-Cooled Gantry
  • 70cm Aperture w Laser Positioning Lights
  • ± 30 Tilt (Dual Side Gantry Controls)
  • 360° scans in 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 seconds
  • Solid-State (HiLight) Detector Technology
  • Slice Collimations: 16 x 0.63mm
  • Performix 6.3MHu X-Ray Tube
  • Tube Focal Spot(mm) 0.6 x 0.7
  • 53.2kW High Frequency Generator
  • Multiple kV and mA Techniques
  • Operators Console
  • Octane or HP Xtream Host Computer
  • SmartTools Productivity Software
  • Standard Options: SmartPrep, SmartSpeed, Helical Tilt, AutomA, Variviewer, Power 440, Patient 16-Slice, 3000 Image Series, Direct- 3D