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philips ingenuity 128 slice

Philips Ingenuity 128 Slice

Welcome to the benefits of 128-slice scanning, improved spatial resolution and excellent advanced clinical capabilities.

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philips ingenuity 128 slice


Welcome to the benefits of 128-slice scanning, improved spatial resolution and excellent advanced clinical capabilities. The kind of scanning that offers low dose while maintaining high image quality.

Offers 4 cm coverage for excellent image quality and is also available with iDose4.

The scanner provides high image quality at low dose with up to 57% improvement in spatial resolution.

Personalize image quality based on your patients’ needs at low dose.

Ingenuity Core128 with iDose4, reconstruction is achieved in 60 seconds or less.

Clinical integration and collaboration:- 33% improvement in z-axis visualization with 128 slices.

  • Ultra-high resolution allows for outstanding spatial visualization
  • Personalized image quality at a low dose
  • Patient focus:- Maintain image quality at low dose
  • Low dose, low energy
  • Personalized dose across a wide patient population
  • Improved economic value:- Majority of factory protocols reconstructed with iDose4 in less than a minute
  • MRC Ice X-ray tube for reliability and fast cooling
  • Fully in-room upgradable to Ingenuity CT


Philips Ingenuity 128 Slice gives you the following benefits:

Clinical confidence in action, Ingenuity Core128 brings you 128-slice scanning, allows you to personalize dose and is fully in-room upgradeable to Ingenuity CT.

  • Clinical benefits of 128-slice CT with a 33% improvement in z-axis visualization.
  • Upgradeability.


The Philips Ingenuity 128 Slice provides you with with the following Specification:

  • Scanner Type: CT Scanner
  • Options and accessories: standard diameter
  • Applications: for full body tomography
  • Number of sections: 128 cuts


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