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Philips Brilliance iCT 256 Slice

In designing the Brilliance iCT scanner, Philips has successfully overcome technical trade-offs to develop a system that is both highly capable and cost-effective.

amber diagnostics refurbished and used 256 parts


To develop the Brilliance iCT CT system, Philips has brought technology innovation to every component of the CT imaging chain. The iCT reportedly optimizes imaging speed, X-ray tube power, detector coverage and dose utility mechanisms to deliver diagnostic accuracy at lower radiation doses. The Philips Essence technology, comprised of new X-ray tubes, 8-centimeter nano-panel detectors and RapidView reconstruction, combined with other innovative technologies such as the air-bearing gantry allowing faster rotation, contribute to the Brilliance iCT’s reputation as one of the most advanced CT imaging systems on the market.


Philips Brilliance iCT 256 Slice gives you the following benefits:

With superior imaging for advanced cardiac applications, interested institutions should closely monitor 256-slice CT’s advancements in neurological and stroke evaluation; should the technology achieve parity with MRI for visualization, CT’s comparatively faster exam time may render it an attractive option for sophisticated facilities seeking a “one-stop-shop” solution for these procedures.

Providing improved image resolution across the breadth of CT imaging applications, a significant conventional caseload will be required – in addition to incremental advanced cardiac cases – to offset the significant required investment cost of 256-slice CT.


The Philips Brilliance iCT 256 Slice provides you with with the following Specification:

  • 256 Slice.
  • 120kW – 1000mA generator
  • 0.27 Sec Full Scan.
  • iDose4 Premium Package
  • Medrad Stellant CT Dual Power Injector interface.
  • Only 60k scan-seconds (less than 17 hours of scan usage) on iMRC tube and gantry.
  • Built and installed September 2011 for a clinical research facility.
  • 100% maintained by Philips Service.


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