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Siemens Perspective 64 Slice CT Scanner

The Siemens Perspective 64 Slice CT Scanner is designed to deliver high-quality images with minimal radiation exposure

Siemens Perspective Overview

With a 64-row detector and a fast rotation time, this scanner can capture detailed images of the body in just seconds, making it an ideal choice for busy medical facilities. It also features a range of dose-reduction technologies and a large gantry aperture for patient comfort, ensuring safe and efficient imaging for all patients. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing equipment or outfit a new facility, the Siemens Perspective 64 Slice CT scanner is a top-of-the-line choice that can meet all your diagnostic imaging needs.


Ease of use: The scanner is user-friendly and easy to operate.

Practicality: It is a practical solution for conducting exams and providing accurate diagnoses.

Versatility: The scanner can be used to examine a range of body parts and functions.

High-definition images: The scanner produces high-quality images with exceptional clarity and detail.

3D imaging capability: It can create high-definition 3D images of the area under study, providing a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s condition.

Pain-free procedure: The procedure is non-invasive and pain-free.

Fast data processing: The scanner quickly processes data to produce immediate results.

Image storage: The images can be stored in the computer memory for future reference.

Efficient diagnostics: The scanning process is efficient, saving time and reducing patient wait times.

Low radiation dose: The scanner uses a low radiation dose, ensuring patient safety.


Exclusive to the Somatom Perspective is its eCockpit, which features technologies that enhance the longevity of the scanner’s most expensive and fragile component – the X-ray tube. eCockpit includes eMode, which automatically selects scan parameters that reduce wear and tear on the X-ray tube; eStart, which provides a smoother start-up time during lulls in the scanning day; and eSleep, which stops the X-ray tube and detector inside the gantry from spinning when the scanner is not in use. The Somatom Perspective also includes automated solutions that help simplify time-consuming, complex procedures, supporting clinical personnel at every stage of the CT examination and allowing them to spend more focusing on patients. Additionally, a standard illumination mood light contributes to a soothing patient environment.