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Preparing the Patient for Urology Imaging

Anytime a patient has to worry about preparing for a diagnostic imaging procedure of any sort there is a great deal of concern with getting everything done right. Urology imaging is no different when it comes to preparation and, with the multiple procedures associated, preparation can vary so it’s good to know what’s what.


What procedure are you going in for?


Preparation for any procedure, be it invasive or non invasive, or simply for the purpose of diagnosing a condition, requires specific preparation. In imaging as well as surgery preparation may include abstaining from fluids, specific types of food, or taking some sort of agent to enhance whatever images may be taken. There are numerous urologic procedures that a patient can undergo such as:

  •        Bladder ultrasound
  •        Kidney ultrasound
  •        Scrotum ultrasound
  •       Prostate ultrasound and biopsy
  •        MRI
  •        CT Scan



These procedures are often times painless and run little risk and as far as the ultrasound is concerned little, if any, preparation. General ultrasound preparation procedures can and do vary depending on the test.


The Types of Preparation Depending on the Procedure Preparing the Patient for Urology Imaging


What exactly are you going in for? The list below serves as a preparation outline for the various procedures that a patient may undergo in urology:


  •  Bladder Ultrasound- Drink 32oz of water one hour before your exam
  •  Prostate- Transrectal Ultrasound- Two hours prior, do a cleansing with a fleet enema
  • CT Scan- Usage of contrast agents and any additional preparation required by your physician.



The Physician


Depending on the situation, the physician will make the decision of what’s the best course of action. Conditions such as a severe UTI may require the use of antibiotics if they are initially treated by the urologist. Without the use of diagnostic imaging, and in emergency situations, there may be a call from an ER physician to perform tests that will rule out conditions with similar symptoms.


Things to Remember

There are multiple things to remember when dealing with urologic imaging and they are:


  • Preparation will depend on the test
  • Any pre – existing conditions will determine what course of action the physician will take
  • Preparation procedures not normally taken may well be required by the treating physician.
  • There may not be any preparation prior to a diagnostic imaging procedure even after weighing patient history factors.



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