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Siemens Sensation Cardiac 64 Slice

The Siemens Sensation Cardiac 64 CT scanner is enabled by its innovative STRATON x-ray tube.

siemens sensation cardiac 64 slice


The Siemens Sensation Cardiac 64 CT scanner is enabled by its innovative STRATON x-ray tube. The tube was built on Siemens proprietary tube-cooling system. It includes a directly oil-cooled anode which eliminates any need for heat storage capacity. The STRATON x-ray tube design facilitates its fast gantry rotation. The elimination of cooling delays will maximize your patient throughput.


Siemens Sensation Cardiac 64 Slice gives you the following benefits:

HeartView CI Package

  • HeartView CT – ECG-synchronized scanning and 3D image reconstruction with optimized temporal resolution due to 83ms based on .33s rotation.
  • Syngo Calcium Scoring – quantify coronary calcium burden.
  • Syngo Vessel View – semi-automated vessel analysis tool including comprehensive measurement options.
  • Syngo Argus software – automated evaluation of ventricular function and wall motion.


The Siemens Sensation Cardiac 64 Slice provides you with with the following Specification:

  • 0.33 s per rotation for exceptional cardiac acquisition in 8 seconds with the STRATON tube.
  • 64 slices per rotation with routine .4mm isotropic resolution.
  • Go from scanning to diagnosis within 10 minutes with Siemens’ Speed4D and integrated cardiovascular software.
  • .44mm isoptropic resolution at any scan speed with Siemens’ z-Sharp technology.


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