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GE LightSpeed RT 16 Slice Oncology CT Scanner

The GE LightSpeed RT 16 Slice Oncology CT Scanner is the industry’s first multi-slice, wide-bore CT with capabilities as a CT simulator

GE LightSpeed RT Overview

The refurbished GE LightSpeed RT Oncology CT Scanner is the industry’s first multi-slice, wide-bore CT, renowned for its world-class capabilities as a CT simulator.

The GE LightSpeed CT scanner has the ability to handle 3D and 4D imaging as well as display different images simultaneously in real-time.

The GE LightSpeed RT 16 features a wide bore, thin, high-resolution mutli-slice imaging, 4D retrospective gating, as well as its advanced oncology applications that simplify radiation therapy planning.

This GE LightSpeed CT scanner offers fast, true 16x 0.625 microVoxel imaging that is exclusive to GE.There is also an optional 100kW generator and 800mA that is needed for sub-second imaging.

If you are thinking about renting a GE CT scanner, the GE LightSpeed RT 16 should be among your top choices.

  • Wide 80 cm bore.
  • 65 cm wide display field of view.
  • Accurate 3D visualization.
  • Fast scan times to improve productivity.
  • Optimized workflow from acquisition to final report.
  • Increased patient comfort with faster scans.
  • Precise position of patients even in challenging cases.
  • XTream GE technology
  • Breathing lights with countdown timmer
  • In-room start
  • Slip-ring technology with advanced axial scanning
  • Full 360 degree rotational scans
  • Natural, intuitive user interface
  • Remote gantry lift
  • 80cm Big Bore Gantry
  • Performix Pro/ 8.0 MHU X-Ray Tube
  • GT 1700 patient Table
  • Carbon Fiber CT Table Overlay Oncology Diagnostic Workstation
  • Full SimMD, AW VolumeShare2.
  • AW VolumeShare2 w 3D visualization and analysis
  • Multi-modality image management, review
  • Comparison and processing.