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GE Signa EchoSpeed Plus 1.5T MRI Scanner

The GE Signa EchoSpeed Plus 1.5T MRI Scanner is a high resolution, whole body imaging system known for its excellent performance

GE Signa EchoSpeed Plus 1.5T MRI Scanner

GE Signa EchoSpeed Plus Overview

The GE EchoSpeed Plus mobile 1.5T MRI machine is a high resolution, whole body imaging system known for its excellent performance. This used GE EchoSpeed Plus 1.5T MRI scanner is uniquely designed with a dockable table that allows for patient preparation and transportation outside the exam room.

GE MRI equipment has the largest user base in the world and is considered the preferred choice of diagnosticians for advanced problem-solving tools to assist in disease detection and diagnosis. Our wide selection of used GE MRI systems is listed below.


  • High Resoloution Quality.
  • Dockable table for preparation and transportation.


  • Signa HDXT 1.5T Echospeed Phased Array16-channel Fixed MRI system.
  • CXK4 compact, actively shielded magnet.
  • Liberty detachable patient table system.
  • HDXT workstation and user interface, HDXT Scan Tools and XVre volume recon engine.
  • Advanced Application suites.
  • 3D Lava-xv, Dyna Plan, VIBRANT HD.
  • 3D eMRCP, 2D FS FIESTA, CartiGram.
  • ASSET, HDxt Vascular and Cardiac , 3D TRICKS.
  • FTMRA, SMART Prep and Samrt Step, Double-Triple IR-FSE.
  • 3D FIESTA, iDrivePro and iDrive ProPlus, HDxt ConnectPro.
  • 1.5T and OpenSpeed Magnet Compressor, 10 KW Indoor/Outdoor Air-Cooled Chiller.


  • 16 Channel Head/Neck/Spine Array
  • 12 Channel Body Array
  • 8 channel Breast Array
  • 8 Channel Shoulder Coil
  • 8 channel Foot/Ankle Coil
  • 8 channel Knee Array-Invivo
  • Quad Extremity Coil-Invivo

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