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Philips Intera Power 1.5T MRI Scanner

The Philips Intera Power 1.5T MRI Scanner offers efficiency and an ergonomic and intuitive serving-platform

Philips Intera Power Overview

The Intera-family offers with this member a wide range of possibilities, efficiency and a ergonomic and intuitive serving-platform. Also available as Intera CV for cardiac and Intera I/T for interventional MR procedures.

The scanners are also equipped with SENSE technology, which is essential for high-quality contrast enhanced magnetic resonance angiography, interactive cardiac MR and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) fiber tracking.

The increased accuracy and clarity of MR scans obtained with this technology allow for faster and more accurate diagnosis of potential problems like patient friendliness and expands the breadth of applications including cardiology, oncology and interventional MR.

  • Quality in every application.
  • SmartExam for consistent and reproducible results.
  • Coils & SENSE parallel imaging.
  • Enables higher parallel imaging factors for more speed and resolution.
  • Magnet System: Ultracompact, Superconducting, Active shielded magnet.
  • Pulsars HP + Gradients: 33 mT/m Amplitude (on axis), 80 T/m/s Slew Rate (on axis).
  • Freewave RF: 8 Ch Standard RF Channels, Direct Digital Sampling, 1 MHz RF receive bandwidth.
  • Parallel Imaging & SENSE coils: Up to 8 times acceleration.
  • Siting: Siting requirements Min 27 Sq. m. (291 Sq. Ft.).
  • Upgradable to a broad range of coils, clinical applications and up to 32 Ch RF platform.