siemens magnetom espree 1-5t

Siemens MAGNETOM Espree 1.5T

Combining a 70 cm Open Bore design with an ultrashort system length of 125 cm (cover to cover), MAGNETOM® Espree is unique in patient access and comfort.

Siemens MAGNETOM Espree 1.5T

The Magnetom Espree 1.5T is an open bore MRI system that allows a new level of comfort for your patients. This system has an opening of almost 2.3 feet in diameter to provide a full foot of space over the patient’s head. Its short bore enables physicians to perform exams with their patient’s head completely outside the magnet which provides benefits for claustrophobic patients.

The Magnetom Espree 1.5T by Siemens comes equipped with the shortest 1.5 Tesla magnet that is available. It can perform advanced clinical applications and comes equipped with the Tim Technology (Total Imaging Matrix) that delivers high quality imaging and reduced exam times. With the Tim Technology, whole body scans can be performed in one single pass. It also enables flexible coil combinations to encompass local high resolution imaging to large anatomical coverage.
siemens magnetom espree 1-5t

Siemens Innovations for the Siemens Espree 1.5T MRI

Advanced Tim technology With TIM (Total imaging matrix), MAGNETOM Espree offers superb imaging performance. Your staff and patients benefit from more flexibility, accuracy, speed, and diagnostic confidence.

Tim integrated coil technology changed MRI forever. With excellent image quality and fast acquisition speed, the proven technology is now in nearly 8,000 installations. Whole-body coverage means no repositioning for multiple exams and more exams per day.

Trendsetting in patient comfort With MAGNETOM Espree, you and your patients – can change the way you think about open MRI. The 70 cm inner diameter makes CT-like comfort possible. And, the scanner is remarkably short with 125 cm that enables head-out or feet-first for most exams.

New dimensions in applications MAGNETOM Espree helps to diagnose extremely challenging diseases with a high level of confidence. It facilitates the evaluation of complex pathologies and difficult patients.

In each clinical field, syngo® MR applications, powered by Tim, are helping to create the future of MRI. MAGNETOM Espree offers a high level of flexibility with innovative applications for each body part. And with Tim you can seamlessly scan up to 205 cm with no patient repositioning or coil changes for true whole-body functionality.

The Siemens Espree 1.5T provides you with with the following Specification:

Magnetic Field Strength: Whole body

Magnet Configuration : Open bore - horizontal

Coil Options:Spine, Wrist, Flex Array, Phased Array, Body, Head, Knee, Neck, Pelvic, Shoulder

Gating Options: Cardiac/ECG, Peripheral, Prospective with PACE, Respiratory

FOV: 0.5 - 45 cm

Magnet Cooling Type: Cryogen - Cold head

Unit Dimensions: 230cm (W) x 380cm (D with pat table) x 225cm (H)


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