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Philips Ingenia 3.0T MRI Scanner

The Philips Ingenia 3.0T MRI Scanner is at the forefront of clinical excellence and diagnostic confidence, explore its advanced applications

Philips Ingenia Overview

At the forefront of clinical excellence — Diagnostic confidence, explore advanced applications, and generate the productivity required to meet today’s healthcare challenges with the Ingenia 3.0T. Through dStream, Ingenia delivers premium image quality with digital clarity and speed –and with iPatient, it provides patient-centric imaging, from patient set-up to image result.


dStream Featuring DirectDigital, FlexStream and EasyExpand, dStream is an exciting new MR system architecture that delivers crystal clear images, remarkable speed, and technology that makes RF upgrades a thing of the past.

DirectDigital Philips-exclusive DirectDigital RF samples the MR signal directly in the coil on the patient, and sends it to the reconstructor via fiber-optic cable. The result is up to 40% higher SNR, and a dynamic range that exceeds 185dB.

FlexStream Designed to streamline workflow and reduce exam time, FlexStream enables imaging with fewer coils and reduce patient set up time, bringing about a throughput increase as much as 30%.

EasyExpand With EasyExpand you never have to upgrade your RF receive channels to keep up with advances in coil technology. It enables plug-and-play expansion of clinical capabilities without major system upgrades and channel conflicts.

Xtend Combining patient comfort with extended coverage and high image quality, Xtend provides the largest homogeneous field-of-view in a commercial 70cm wide bore system and an excellent combination of magnet homogeneity and gradient performance.

SmartAssist SmartAssist is the next generation of Philips powerful combination of SmartExam and ExamCards. It can halve the number of repetitive tasks for greater efficiency, consistency and reproducibility.

MultiTransmit 4D MultiTransmit 4D brings the benefits of MultiTransmit technology to cardiac imaging. It adapts RF signals to each patient, addressing dielectric shading to provide superb image uniformity, contrast & consistency, as well as faster imaging.

  • Magnet weight 4600 kg
  • Open bore diameter 70 cm
  • Maximum FOV 55 cm
  • Typical homogeneity at 55 x 55 x 50 cm ≤ 5 ppm
  • Typical homogeneity at 50 x 50 x 45 cm ≤ 1.8 ppm
  • HeliumSave technology Yes (Zero boil-off)
  • Cryogen boil-off rate 0.0 l/hr*
  • Max. amplitude for each axis 45 mT/m
  • Max. slew rate for each axis 200 T/m/s