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Philips Intera 3.0T MRI Scanner

The Philips Intera 3.0T MRI Scanner, is the first with a compact magnet, which is built on the same platform as the 1.5T

Philips Intera Overview

The Intera 3 T high field system, the first with a compact magnet, which is built on the same platform as the 1.5 T, is targeted to high-end neurological, orthopedic and cardiovascular imaging applications with maximum patient comfort and acceptance without compromising image quality and clinical performance. Useable for clinical routine and research. The Intera systems offer diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) fiber tracking that measures movement of water in the brain and can therefore detect areas of the brain where normal movement of water is disrupted.


Proven Clinical Solutions

  • Quality in every application.
  • SmartExam for consistent and reproducible results.

Coils & SENSE parallel imaging
Enables higher parallel imaging factors for more speed and resolution.


Clinical application: Whole body

Configuration: Short bore compact

Surface coils: Standard: head, body, C1, C3; Optional: Small joint, flex-E, flex-R, endocavitary (L and S), dual TMJ, knee, neck, T/L spine, breast; Optional phased array: spine;; Optional SENSE coils: Flex body, flex cardiac, neuro-vascular, head

Spectroscopy: Optional

Synchronization: ECG/peripheral: Optional/yes, respiratory gating

Pulse sequences: SE, Modified-SE, IR (T1, T2, PD), STIR, FLAIR, SPIR, FFE, T1-FFE, T2-FFE, Balanced FFE, TFE, Balanced TFE, Dynamic, Keyhole, 3D, Multi Chunk 3D, Multi Stack 3D, K Space Shutter, MTC, TSE, Dual IR, DRIVE, EPI, Cine, 2DMSS, DAVE, Mixed Mode; Angiography: Inflow MRA, TONE, PCA, CE MRA

Imaging modes: Single Slice 2D , Multi Single Slice 2D, Multi Slice 2D, 3D, Multi Chunk 3D, Multi Stack 3D

TR: Min. 1.6 (Master) msec

TE: Min. 0.5 (Master) msec

Single/Multi slice: RapidView Recon. greater than 500 @ 256 Matrix

FOV: Max. 53 cm