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ge hispeed lx mobile

GE HiSpeed LX Mobile

The GE LX High-speed MRI system has the following features: 1.5T Short Bore LCC/K4 Magnet round covers, SGD 23 mT/m Gradients.

ge hispeed lx mobile


The GE LX High-speed MRI system has the following features: 1.5T Short Bore LCC/K4 Magnet round covers, SGD 23 mT/m Gradients, Zerboiloff technology, Slew Rate 77/120, LX Octane Computer, Phased Array, 60cm Body Coil, Systems cabinet w/UCERD, Compact PDU, Phased Array 4 channel, DICOM 3.0 (Store, Query/Retrieve, Archive and Print) Contact us today for a quote on a Short Bore MRI version or Midbore SV MRI version of this system.


Built on the high-definition platform you know and trust, GE HiSpeed LX Mobile allows you to see more, do more and expect more than ever before.

GE Signa Horizon LX System with HiSpeed Gradient Performance Option is a High Resolution Whole Body Imaging system with a High Homogeneity Super-conductive Magnet Operating at 1.0 Tesla.


The GE HiSpeed LX Mobile brings you advanced technology like:

The System Includes

  • 1.0T Horizon HiSpeed Gradients.
  • Patient Table.
  • Body and Head Coil.
  • Phased Array.
  • ACGD Gradients.
  • 1,28 MB BAM.
  • Reflex 50.


  • Echo Planar Imaging
  • Fast Gradient Echo
  • Cine
  • Fast Spin echo & Flair
  • DW EPI
  • Flair EPI
  • Special
  • Three Plane Localizer


  • Dual Array Package.
  • CTL Array Coil.
  • Shoulder Array Coil.


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