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Siemens Impact Expert Mobile

Good working condition, the flow of helium-0.2% on the day, “cool head” – less than half of the resources generated.

siemens impact expert mobile


Good working condition, the flow of helium-0.2% on the day, “cool head” – less than half of the resources generated, phased array, Flat screen monitors, Tuned up just out of short term hospital lease. 20 mt/m gradients, Coils:Quad Head, Neck (c-spine), Bilateral-Shoulder, CTL spine array, Extremity, Body Array, Flex large, Flex small. Software options: MRA, Fast imaging packing, turbo imaging, filter, Dicom, GMR, Flow, Fat Sat, Pre-Sat. Medicoach, patient lift, AC, Chiller, self shielded Move at field.


Built on the high-definition platform you know and trust, Siemens Impact Expert Mobile allows you to see more, do more and expect more than ever before.

  • Actively Shielded OR 41 Magnet.
  • 20 mT/m Gradients.
  • Numaris Software VB33G.
  • Turbo Flash.
  • Phased Array.
  • Turbo Spin Echo Package.
  • Dicom Clinical Imaging Package.

The Siemens Impact Expert Mobile brings you advanced technology like:

  • Impact system was upgraded Expert level in 2002.
  • The System S/W Rev. level is 33G with Phased Array.
  • Packages included: Core Sequence, MRA, Fast Turbo.
  • DICOM, and Turbo SE Package.
  • Coils: Head, Spine Array, CP Body Array, (2) Flex, C-Spine, TMJ, and Knee.
  • This system is installed in a Medical Coaches trailer (102″).


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