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GE Discovery ST 8 Slice PET/CT Scanner

The GE Discovery ST 8 Slice PET/CT Scanner is a machine with high resolution image quality as well as 3D imaging capability

GE Discovery ST 8 Slice PET/CT Scanner

GE Discovery ST Overview

The GE Discovery ST is a high resolution PET/CT scanner with 8-slice image acquisition as well as 2D and 3D imaging capability.

The GE Discovery ST is ideal for Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) along with many other clinical applications.

The GE Discovery ST features improved lesion detectability, faster scan times resulting in increased throughput, and reduced dose requirements.


  • 8-slice acquisition CT.
  • Excellent Image Quality.
  • Increased Throughput.
  • Capable of 2D and 3D imaging.
  • Spacious 70cm patient bore.
  • Shortest Patient Bore Length at 100cm.
  • 160cm of Patient Coverage.
  • Optional Exact RTP flat table top insert.
  • Evergreen Continuum on Detectors.
  • Small footprint.
  • Flexible siting capability.
  • No water, plumbing, chillers, or electronics cabinet required.


GE Discovery ST Detector
• # of rings: 24
• Ring diameter: 88.6 cm
• # of crystals: 10080
• Crystal composition: BGO
• Crystal size: 6.2 x 6.2 x 30 mm
• Axial fov: 157 mm
• Number of crystals per pmt (# of rings): 36/quad-anode PMT (9/anode)

GE Discovery ST Gantry
• Dimensions: Height x Width x Depth: 193 x 230 x 109 cm (75.2 x 89.7 x 42.5 in)
• Weight: 3,800 kg (8,377 lb)
• Patient port diameter: 70 cm
• Patient Positioning: Triple laser
• Transmission source: CT attenuation correction
• Other characteristics: Numeric display of count rate and elapsed time, dual operator controls on each side of gantry

Patient Table
• Vertical motion,cm (PATIENT TABLE) 55-102.5
• Horizontal motion, cm (PATIENT TABLE) 160
• Head support (PATIENT TABLE) Fixed offset headholder
• Arm support (PATIENT TABLE) Yes
• Max.patient weight capacity, kg (lb) (PATIENT TABLE) 180 (400) with 0.25 mm positional accuracy

• Operating temp range: 15-29 Celsius (60-84 Fahrenheit)
• Relative humidity: 30-60 %
• Cooling: 31,000 btu/hr (minimum); no water chilling required
• DICOM 3.0 Compatible: Yes

Available Software
• CardIQ Fusion for CTA and PET Perfusion display and analysis
• 5-Beat Cardiac
• CT/PET fusion
• Advantage 4-D for CT gating
• SimMD for multimodality simulation
• Lung VCAR
• Cortex ID for neurology studies
• Perfusion

Optional Attachments
• Additional analysis and review workstations
• Enhanced recon capability
• Oncology applications and accessories
• Respiratory gating
• Image film devices
• Cardiac applications

Image Reconstruction
• Coincidence window, nsec: 11.7
• Reconstruction time, seconds: 10 (2-D FBP), 12 (2-D OSEM IR), 240 (3-D RP) 90 (3-D FORE IR)
• Power Needed: 380-480 VAC nominal, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz

Computer System
• Acquisition CPU: Integrated PET/CT computer built on Xtream FXTM technology, 64-bit microprocessor;
single/dual R12000A processor with Direct3D option; dual SMP 2.66.GHz Intel Xeon processors with 512KB
L2 cache
• Storage media/size: More than 1 GB storagePrimary PET-CT storage 9.4 GB DVD-RAM 2X CD-ROM drive
integrated with CT MOD Drive
• ARRAY PROCESSOR: 64-bit microprocessor; single/dual R12000A processor with Direct3D option; dual SMP
2.66.GHz Intel Xeon processors with 512KB L2 cache
• Image processor: Nvidia Quadro4 980XGL AGP 8X graphics with 128 MB memory, SGI VPRO V12-DCD
graphics engine with 128 MB SDRAM
• Storage media/size: More than 1 GB storageMain system (host) disk drive: 36 GB, 3.5 in form factor; high
performance drive: 73 GB, 3.5 in form factor each
• Display: 2 color 19 inch LCD, 1280 x 1024
• Printing options: DICOM color printer
• Acquisition possibilities: 2-D and 3-D, static, dynamic, whole body, gated, transmission, 4-D respiratory

Installation Requirements
• Minimum room size – Exam Room 4.42 x 7.62 m (14.5 x 25 ft)
• Minimum room size – Control Room: 4.42 x 2.46 m (14.5 x 8.1 ft)

GE Discovery ST Detector
• System sensitivity: 2 cps/kBq (2-D), 9.3 cps/kBq (3-D)
• Scatter fraction: 19% (2-D), 44% (3-D)
• Maximum count rate, cps @ 50% dead time: 84 kcps @ 49 kBq/cc (2-D), 63 kcps @ 12 kBq/mL (3-D);

Transaxial fwhm
• 1 cm rad, statny: 6.2(Transaxial fwhm)
• 10 cm rad, statny: 6.8 (2-D), 6.7 (3-D) (Detector Performance)

Axial fwhm
• 1 cm radius: 4.8 (2-D), 5.2 (3-D) (Axial fwhm)
• 10 cm radius: 6.3 (2-D), 5.8 (3-D) (Detector Performance)

Other – GE Discovery ST
• Energy resolution: 17%
• FDA Clearance: Yes
• CE MARK (MDD): Yes

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