ge definium amx 700 portable xray

GE Definium AMX 700 Portable X-ray

Mobile digital x-ray system Definium AMX 700 is fully autonomous and operates from a set of rechargeable batteries.

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ge definium amx 700 portable xray


Mobile digital x-ray system Definium AMX 700 is fully autonomous and operates from a set of rechargeable batteries. Thanks to the portability and usability of the system Definium AMX 700 is ideal for all standard radiographic procedures in intensive care units and emergency rooms, operating rooms, and children’s orthopedic offices and clinics.


GE Definium AMX 700 Xray gives you the following benefits:

• Tissue Equalization
• Intelligent Collimator Edge Detection
• Auto Protocol Assist
• Smart Windowing
• Dramatic workflow enhancement with digital detector


The GE Definium AMX 700 Xray provides you with with the following Specification:

  • GE Definium AMX 700 Digital Portable X-Ray
  • Single-panel Amorphous Silicon Detector with Cesium
  • Iodide Scintillator
  • High Quantum Efficiency/ Low Noise Electronics
  • Portable Flat Panel Detector with Tether
  • 15” Touch Screen Monitor for User Interface, Instant Image Preview
  • Touch Screen Activated Technique Selection
  • DICOM 3.0 and IHE Compatible for Network Connectivity
  • Simplified Tube Parking Process
  • Ergonomic Hand-switch Controls
  • 12.5kW High Tension Transformer
  • 270 Degree Mast Rotating Anode X-Ray Tube
  • Speed up to 3mph
  • 8 In. Caster Wheels Capable of Climbing 5º Incline Column


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