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Control-X RadiologiX X-Ray Room

The New 2020 Control-X RadiologiX HF x-ray room offers a compact tubestand and wallstand for all of your diagnostic imaging needs

Control-X RadiologiX HF Overview

The RadiologiX HF Radiographic system by Control-X Medical offers performance, quality and durability at an exceptional price. The more compact design of the tubestand and wallstand allows this system to fit into smaller x-ray room settings. Offering a unique combination of Hospital Grade components and value, the RadioLogiX is the logical choice in the search for a complete system in a compact package.


With its large tabletop and extended travel, Stylix allows full radiographic coverage with minimal patient movement. The tubestand moves effortlessly on a single rail track. The balanced tube support system ensures simple vertical positioning. Easily accessible controls allow troublefree use by the operator. The wallstand’s counterbalanced vertical receptor system provides smooth and easy positioning. Vertical movement is locked electromagnetically, enabling precise positioning for accurate exposures of the head and lower extremities. The wallstand also includes a 43 × 43 cm (17″ × 17″) bucky or grid cabinet design. The high frequency x-ray generator minimizes exposure time in comparison to conventional generators. Control-X Medical furnishes an easyto-use flat panel display with a wide range of selectable exposure times for easy parameter selection and flexibility. The Stylix table allows for installation in x-ray rooms of a wide variety of sizes.


Generator: 32 kW, 150 kV, 400 mA, 0.1 – 500 mAs Ultra-high frequency 450 kHz generator. 1024 APR techniques. Power requirements: Single phase 208-230 VAC (125 kV), 3-phase 208-230 VAC or 3-phase 400-480 VAC. Low speed. Available OPTIONS: AEC, console pedestal.

Tubestand: Floor-to-wall tubestand with installed column height of 91″, longitudinal travel 78″ and vertical travel 62″. Electromagnetic locks. Tube port mount.

Tube: 125 kVp, 140KHU, X-ray Tube, Std Speed. 1.0/2.0 Focal Spots.

Collimator: Manual Certified LED collimator with Laser Positioning Guide.

Elevating Table: Elevating radiographic table with 4-way float top. Top travels 44″ longitudinally, ±4.75″ laterally. Table top film distance 2.4″. Total elevation 12″. Anti-collision sensors and double-tap foot pedal controls. Patient capacity 660 lbs.

Chest Stand: Bucky size grid cabinet.

Stainless Cass Tray: Heavy duty cassette tray to fit universal 17″x17″ Grid Cabinet or Bucky.