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GE Revolution HD 64 Slice CT Scanner

GE Revolution HD 64 Slice CT Scanner

The GE Revolution HD 64 Slice CT Scanner is designed to help asses patients with faster, more confident diagnoses GE Revolution HD Overview You and your patients continue to demand lower dose, but not at the expense of diagnostic image quality. Revolution™ HD delivers on … Read more

Refurbished & Used Mobile CT Scanners

Amber Diagnostics offers high quality refurbished Mobile CT Scanners for sale Mobile CT Scanner Overview Amber Diagnostics offers full service mobile CT Scanner solutions from custom trailer and equipment refurbishment to complete interior planning and design. Amber’s engineers can also provide onsite technology training and start-up assistance. … Read more

What is the price of a CT Scanner.

What is the Price of a CT Scanner?

The price of a CT Scanner primarily depends on whether you purchase from the primary or secondary market. CT scanners have a 20% depreciation rate, so experienced buyers will typically shop for a deal in the secondary market first. This article will break down the cost … Read more

CT Scanner Slices and What are Their Differences?

CT scan machines come in single, dual source and multi-slice technology. CT Scanner slices is determined by how many levels of anatomy are acquired in one rotation. To be clear, 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation of CT scanners are single slice units, the later generations, … Read more

CT Scanner machines costs

How Much Does a CT Machine Cost?

Overview How much does a CT machine cost and which one is right for you? CT scans are one of the most common practices in the world, yet they are also one of the most costly because organizations recover associated costs through imaging charges. These … Read more

GE BrightSpeed Elite 16 Slice CT Scanner

GE BrightSpeed Elite Select 16 Slice CT Machine

Overview 20mm Volume Coverage in 0.5 seconds Pitch Booster with IQ Enhance (50-slice equivalent) Volumetric Imaging for CT Angiography Routine 16 x 0.625mm thin slice imaging 3D: MIPs, MinIPs, SSD, MPR and Volume Rendering 6.3MHu High Heat-Unit Tube Xtream (FX) Operators Console VOLARA Digital Acquisition … Read more

Monitor image intensifier (camera) C-Arm. Table with patient. X-ray source. Hand switch. Control Panel. C-Arm image intensifier. Modern type with video fluoroscopy.

The Usable Life of an Image Intensifier

For fluoroscopic equipment like a C-Arm, using an image intensifier is an essential component. However, there will inevitably come a time where the image intensifier needs to be replaced. Most image intensifiers have a good lifespan and can be used effectively until the day it … Read more

Is it time to upgrade your ct scanner?

Knowing when to upgrade from your old CT scanner to a newer version can be problematic. Maybe your competitors have upgraded theirs, and you are having a hard time competing. Or perhaps the time is ripe for your old CT scanner to be replaced with … Read more

Mobile CT Rental

Amber Diagnostics provides Mobile CT Rental services to customers throughout the United States Mobile GE Revolution EVO Overview Our GE Revolution EVO supports diverse patients and applications, addressing complex cases and high patient volumes. The EVO offers high-res imaging, reduces radiation exposure, and enhances productivity. … Read more

Philips Brilliance 16 Slice CT Scanner

Philips Brilliance 16 Slice CT Scanner

The Philips Brilliance 16 Slice CT Scanner configuration is a complete, high-performance system ideally suited to routine applications Philips Brilliance CT Scanner The Brilliance CT Scanner configuration is a complete, high-performance system ideally suited to routine CT studies, CTA, and advanced motion-sensitive applications such as … Read more


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