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Is a Mini C-Arm Right for your Medical Practice?

Purchasing a C-Arm machine for your medical facility? You have the option between a mini C-Arm and a full-sized C-Arm

If you are considering purchasing a C-Arm machine for your medical facility, you will notice that you have the option between a mini C-Arm and a full-sized C-Arm.

But which one is right for you?

This is one of the most common questions among C-Arm customers. With most technologies, people may find that smaller devices are simply more convenient for them. Space is also a big factor along with convenience. Having to prepare an imaging machine for its own personal room can cost a significant amount of money, so you may think you should get a smaller device that takes up less space.

However, this only works in the right circumstances. In the area of C-Arm technology, it is essential to remember that a smaller device comes with benefits and limitations. To give you a better idea, let’s take a look at what Mini C-Arms can and can’t do.

Mini C-Arm Pros:

• The smaller size. This means that you would be able to get to navigate your equipment easily and get better workplace access.
• No need for a radiographer to use the system since it is surgeon operated.
• Radiation dose is significantly lowered in mini C-Arms as well as the screening time.
• More precise accuracy and enhanced maneuverability can be ensured through mini C-Arms.

Mini C-Arm Cons:

Mini C-Arms cannot:
• Conduct studies on the spine of a patient.
• Conduct studies on the torso of a patient.
• Perform pain management.
• Conduct studies on the peripheral vascular.
• Scan anything that is larger than the shoulder or knee of a patient. (Even this may vary depending on the size of the patient)

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What Exactly Can They Do?

Mini C-Arms can:
• Perform scanning of the shoulders, knees, legs, ankles, and smaller body parts with precision and accuracy.
• Perform limited orthopedic studies.
• Scan the hands and the feet of a patient incredibly well and with detail. That way doctors can make a valid diagnosis for patients.

At the end of the day, like any other form of technology, it all depends on the type of applications to be performed at your facility. If you specialize in extremity work, the mini C-Arm might just be the perfect option for you. If a conventional C-Arm seems like a better option for your practice, you can also opt for that.

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