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16 Slice PET-CT Spotlight: Philips Gemini GXL

At Amber Diagnostics we have plenty of PET-CT systems available for purchase, and one of the best ones we offer is the Philips Gemini GXL.

The Philips Gemini GXL is perfect for claustrophobic or pediatric patients, as it is an open PET-CT system. Its OpenView gantry design creates comfort for patients that have a hard time lying still as well. The many benefits of the Philips Gemini GXL include photon detection, signal processing, and RapidResolve PET technologies featuring LOR (Line of Response) reconstruction.

Securing a high return on investment and realizing greater workflow efficiencies, you’ll receive optimal high resolution images with minimal radiation dose, and be able to image a wide range of patients with high throughput performance.

In Oncology, the Gemini GXL will provide the diagnostic accuracy needed to detect small lesions and to assess disease progress over time, with consistent and reproducible imaging, plus the ability to provide post therapy evaluation and monitoring.

In Neurology, the Gemini GXL will provide full 3D acquisition, data processing, and high spatial resolution needed to enable high quality brain studies, and integrated brain imaging protocols optimize workflow.

In Cardiology, the value of the PET-CT scanner is growing rapidly, to help assess and measure myocardial perfusion, tissue viability, and cardiac function with PET as well as coronary artery anatomy and calcification with CT. This means the Gemini GXL provides comprehensive cardiovascular evaluation with just a single exam.

Some specifications of the Gemini GXL include a minimum room size of 24 ft x 14 ft, air-cooled gantry, patient port of 70 cm on both PET and CT, and a patient scan range of 190 cm.

The Philips Gemini GXL really is one of the best PET-CT scanners available. Not only will you be satisfied with it, but your patients will be as well, as comfort is a top priority for the Gemini GXL.

If you are interested in purchasing the Gemini GXL or any of our other used and refurbished PET-CT scanners you can contact our professional sales team here.

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