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5 Interesting Facts About Mini C-Arm Producer, OrthoScan

OrthoScan is one of the most prominent mini C-Arm manufacturers working today has only been around since 2002. OrthoScan burst onto the market with their HD Mini C-Arm, and has since built an impressive resume of mini C-Arms, revolutionizing the mini C-Arm business and innovating products to grow and expand mini C-Arm technology in new and exciting ways. Read 5 facts about Mini C-Arm producer OrthoScan below!


1.) OrthoScan was founded in 2002 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

HD Mini C-Arm
The HD Mini C-Arm.

2.) First entry into the C-Arm market was the OrthoScan HD Mini C-Arm; their second entry was the Mobile DI fluoroscope, which enables orthopedic imaging in a smaller, lightweight design ideal for clinical use and remote/rugged applications.

3.) In 2015, OrthoScan teamed up with Ziehm Imaging, and Ziehm’s president and CEO, Nelson Mendes, became the President and CEO of OrthoScan as well. Ziehm Imaging has been in the mobile X-ray-based imaging business since 1972. (We wrote a fun facts segment on Ziehm as well. – Read it here.)

Ziehm Offices

The Ziehm Offices in Orlando, Fl.

4.) Also in 2015, OrthoScan opened a new expanded service center in Nuremberg, Germany. It provides access to technical support during Central European Time in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and is housed in a Ziehm Imaging Facility and staffed by Ziehm Personnel.

5.) Some of OrthoScan’s most well-known products include the FD Pulse, the FD-OR, the Ziehm Solo, and the Mobile DI, and Amber’s offers the HD Mini C-Arm by Orthoscan.


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