5 Interesting Facts About C-Arms Producer, Ziehm Imaging

Ziehm Imaging is one of the leaders in C-Arms technology, and has been specializing in them for over 40 years. They are a small company, but an important one, and we are happy to offer their C-Arms here at Amber – from the Exposcop Vista to the Vision R. Take a look below for five facts about Ziehm.





1.) Ziehm has offices in Singapore, Germany, Finland, and South Africa, with distribution partners in Egypt and Australia; and their American office is actually located right here in Orlando, close to Amber Diagnostics. Hi, neighbor!





2.) Ziehm was founded in 1972, and in 1983 for first Ziehm C-Arm was released.





3.) Ziehm’s mission is “elevating the boundaries of mobile X-ray imaging,” and to “Set standards for your clinical benefits.”





4.) In 1994 the 1st mobile C-arm as a mobile unit was released.





5.) In 2016 Ziehm Imaging won the iF Design Award in the category of medicine/healthcare, for their Ziehm Vision RFD 3D, which is the world’s only mobile 3D C-Arm with flat-panel technology that provides a 16 cm edge length per scan volume, and combines 2D and 3D functionality to offer maximum ease-of-use.




If you are interested in any of Amber’s refurbished Ziehm C-Arms or any of our other imaging products, feel free to contact us anytime.





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