Hologic is a leader in women’s health, especially breast imaging, being one of the most popular producers of the mammography machines we offer here at Amber Diagnostics. The company has been in business for over thirty years. Today we’re going to take a look at five interesting facts about the smaller but influential corporation known as Hologic.




Jay A. Stein





1.) Hologic was founded by CEO and Chairman S. David Ellenbogen and Chief Technical Officer Jay A. Stein in 1985.











2.) In addition to mammography machines, Hologic also focuses on other imaging technology such as MRI, Mini C-Arm, and Skeletal health, assays and tests, blood screening, intervention and treatment such as breast biopsy and gynecologic surgery, and clinical diagnostic solutions such as prostate health and sexually transmitted infections.



The first shoe company opened in Marlborough.





3.) Hologic is based in Marlborough, MA, which is famous for being the home of the first shoe manufacturing business opened in 1836; and continued to produce shoes for Union soldiers and civilians throughout the Civil War. Marlborough was so well known for its shoes that the official seal was decorated with a shoe box and pair of boots in 1890.









4.) In 2004, Hologic was honored with the Frost & Sullivan 2004 Technology Leadership of the Year Award for their work in the detection of breast cancer through tomosynthesis, which is 3D imaging technology that involves the acquisition of multiple images of a stationary compressed breast from different angles during a short scan.



Steve P. MacMillan






5.)The current Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer is Steve P. MacMillan, who joined Hologic in December 2013. Prior to Hologic, he was the President of the Stryker Corporation from 2003 to 2012, and before that he worked with Pharmacia Corporation, as well as Johnson & Johnson for eleven years.





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