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6 Urology Procedures ASCs Should Add to Their Practice to Maximize Profits

The practice of urology and the high-tech urological imaging systems used today have become an important part of radiology. Urology is a surgical specialty that works with diseases of the male and female urinary tract, as well as the male reproductive organs. It is considered to be a rapidly changing and exciting area of medicine.

The most common procedures urologists perform include vasectomy, cystoscopy, treatments for benign prostate hypertrophy, removal of the kidney or prostate (due to cancer), transurethral surgeries, removal of kidney/ureteral stones, and anti-incontinence surgeries for both men and women.

According to Dr. Joseph Banno, a board-certified urologist, Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) should include the following six urology procedures at their locations in order to maximize profits at the center while satisfying patient needs as well.


  1. Male and Female Incontinence
    (Sling procedures are quick, simple surgeries to help prevent incontinence, and are much more efficient in ASCs. Moreover, reimbursements can be generous in this area
  2. Endoscopy
    (Endoscopic procedures allow for viewing of the urethra, prostate and bladder; and also allows for treating simple and complex urethral strictures.)
  3. Neurostimulation
    (Overactive bladders are becoming common health problems, but not many medications are curing the actual problem. Neurostimulation can be used to treat urinary frequency, and reimbursements can average $15,000.)
  4. Penile Implants
    (As Medicare approved coverage for penile implant surgery, ASCs can negotiate with various insurance companies to make this surgical procedure financially viable, especially since the popularity of the implants is likely to grow.)
  5. Extracorporeal Lithotripsy
    (This non-invasive procedure designed to eliminate kidney stones can now be completed safely and easily at surgery centers.)
  6. Vasectomy Reversals
    (Though most insurance companies do not cover vasectomy reversals, patients can save money by having the procedure done in the safe setting of an ASC.)

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