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Bone Densitometer Spotlight: GE Lunar Prodigy

The GE Lunar Prodigy is one of the most highly sought after Bone Densitometers on the market today. The system has been installed nearly 11,000 times and in 93 countries. One feature of the Lunar Prodigy is DXA technology, which has been refined over 30 years, has excellent precision and extremely low radiation dose.


Also included is optimal patient and practice management, industry leading efficiency which streamlines patient care and practice workflow; ScanCheck, which automatically identifies potential errors in artifact identification, acquisition, and analysis – and provides correction instructions; automatic ROI placement which eliminates the need for user intervention, enables consistency from one exam to the next, and increases precision; OneScan, which performs spine and dual femur BMD measurements in a single acquisition without repositioning, and whose results print in a one page report.


The Lunar Prodigy Bone Densitometer maximizes workflow efficiency in all aspects. The multi-user database lets you network the way you want; for example accessing and analyzing scan files simultaneously from remote facilities, generating reports remotely, and acquiring and saving images from multiple GE densitometers to a common database. You’ll also be able to connect your Prodigy system to the GE online service center with InSite and get instantaneous access to remote device monitoring and troubleshooting; as well as managing your practice through general purpose business reporting tools such as generating referring physician letters, analyzing populations and trends, and exporting data to tab-delimited text files for use in Microsoft Excel.


Also on the Lunar Prodigy is a narrow-angle fan beam design with Multi View Image Reconstruction (MVIR) which corrects magnification error, and its direct to digital detector with energy sensitive material reduces radiation dose. (The Prodigy uses up to 96% less radiation than competitive wide angle systems.) These innovations provide industry-leading precision and lower radiation exposure to help you improve patient care.


At the end of the day, the GE Lunar Prodigy is an excellent choice for you and your facility. The Prodigy increases your ability to serve your patients with accurate, efficient evaluation. Its proven reliability, remote service capability, and life cycle costs all make Prodigy an excellent choice.

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