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GE Lunar iDXA Bone Density Machine

GE Lunar iDXA bone density machine solid performance makes it one of the perfect system for any practice

GE Lunar iDXA

GE designed the Lunar iDXA to provide you a high degree of clinical confidence across all body types for bone health and body composition with a state-of-the-art design.

With Lunar iDXA, GE Healthcare offers the most advanced system to provide the data and images you need. Whether you’re assessing bone density, fracture risk, metabolic health, pediatric development or sarcopenia Lunar iDXA gives you a clear glimpse inside the body.


The Lunar iDXA system delivers high-quality, low-radiation images that aid confident diagnosis. Its advanced DXA technology is comparable to radiographs in identifying and classifying vertebral deformities by etiology, grade, and shape, making assessments simple and accurate.

With Lunar iDXA’s advanced detector technology, even the slightest changes in bone density can be precisely measured, facilitating accurate tracking of progress. This enables healthcare professionals to manage treatment plans more effectively, resulting in improved patient compliance.

Lunar iDXA’s unparalleled precision is made possible by its direct-to-digital detector, staggered array, and narrow-angle fan beam technology, which incorporates Multi-View Image Reconstruction (MVIR). This advanced system effectively eliminates the magnification errors commonly observed in wide-angle fan beam systems used by competitors.

With the enCORE software platform, Lunar iDXA offers a versatile range of clinical applications that make the most of its DXA technology. It allows for research projects in bone health and enables the study of body composition, including the distribution of fat and lean mass, as well as trending for metabolic health applications.

  • Multi-View Image Reconstruction (MVIR) Technique
  • Magnification Errors introduced by Single Sweep Wide Fan Beam Techniques
  • SmartScan™
  • Scatter Radiation