ge lunar prodigy bone densitometers with BMI software

GE Lunar Prodigy Bone Densitometers

GE Lunar Prodigy Bone Densitometers Solid performance makes Prodigy* chosen worldwide

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ge lunar prodigy bone densitometers


Your practice demands dependable dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) assessment, and Prodigy delivers with exceptional precision and low-dose radiation. You can depend on Prodigy to provide precise data on soft tissue and bone composition, including bone-mineral density (BMD), lean- and fat-tissue mass, and percentage of fat. At the same time, Prodigy streamlines your patient care and practice workflow.


GE Lunar Prodigy Bone Densitometers gives you the following benefits:


One of the most proven DXA systems
When it comes to DXA technology, you can’t go wrong with Prodigy. With third generation DXA technology refined over 30 years, and nearly 11,000 units installed in 93 countries, plus hundreds of peer-reviewed articles in leading journals, you can be assured of Prodigy’s ability to help you care for your patients.


Optimal patient and practice management
Prodigy efficiently provides you with accurate bone mineral density (BMD) and other body composition analyses. Prodigy’s advanced features not only help your DXA scanning process flow with ease, but they also help enable you to manage your patient data and business more effectively.


The GE Lunar Prodigy Bone Densitometers provides you with with the following Specification:

  • AP Spine, Femur, Dual Femur, Forearm, Non-seated Forearm
  • LVA , FRAX
  • Total Body Body, Advanced Body Composition Analysis
  • DVA (LVA, APVA, and Lateral BMD)
  • ScanCheck (formerly CAD)
  • Composer (Physician Reports)
  • oneVision
  • One Scan
  • Practice Mgmt Tools (Business Reports)


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