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C-Arm Image Intensifiers: Which Is Best For You? 9″ vs. 12″ Showdown

On the surface there doesn’t appear to be that much of a difference between 9″ and 12″ c-arm image intensifiers, but as we know too well that usually isn’t the case. Let’s compare the two types below for a face off.

What type of studies will you be performing?

If you perform vascular studies, the 12” c-arm image intensifier will be your new best friend, since it is primarily used in that role. There are 3 extra inches of diameter you can put to use in seeing detailed anatomy and doing run-offs, for example. This would be impossible on a 9” unit. Most 12” used or refurbished c-arm image intensifiers offered today come with vascular capabilities, since it is such a draw. 12” image intensifiers also work incredibly well with neurovascular and orthopedics studies.

If you’re more of a cardiac or general surgery type of facility, the 9” may be your go-to. 9” c-arm image intensifiers also work well with orthopedics, pain management, pacemaker placement, and sports medicine.

Space consideration

An obvious factor to consider, but it’s still important. 12” image intensifiers are more bulky than 9” units, and this will come into play within your imaging room. For something heavier and with more hardware, you’ll need a proportional space.

Which c-arm image intensifier you need widely depends on which type of studies you'll be performing.

Magnification differences

9” c-arm image intensifiers have a higher degree of magnification than 12”. Both units have tri-mode image intensifiers, but the 12” mag lines for the OEC are 12/9/6 whereas 9” are 9/6/4.5. OEC only makes their cardiac platform in a 9” configuration, and the superior magnification is the reason why.


12” image intensifiers will be more costly than their 9” friends, even on the used and refurbished market. The upside to this is that 12” c-arm image intensifiers will hold their value better in the used market, which is important to consider if you think re-selling is a future possibility.

In the end, if you’re still on the fence about which size to choose, give us a call! Our expert sales technicians can help with any issues you may face.

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