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CT X-Ray Tube – How long will it last?

Your CT scanner is a vital player in your medical imaging facility. And inside that CT scanner is an x-ray tube that is vital to the performance of your CT system. Like any piece of machinery, x-ray tubes don’t last forever, but should last for quite a long time if maintained properly by x-ray techs. Let’s take a look at some of the ways x-ray techs can extend the life of their CT system x-ray tubes.

Prep Before Use

Following the manufacturer’s recommendations on proper x-ray tube prep is crucial. The x-ray tube should almost always be warmed up before use, unless it has been used within the past 2 hours. By warming up your CT system’s x-ray tube, you’re helping to prevent tube damage due to thermal shock. Normally, warming up the x-ray tube is done by taking several exposures while waiting 30 seconds – 1 minute between them, but varies due to the variety of CT manufacturers. As mentioned above, it’s best to consult your manufacturer’s recommendations on the length of your x-ray tube warm-up.

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