We have witnessed large growth within the C-Arm Scanner industry. They provide greater tools that allow the expert many opportunities to perform extensive studies. However all equipment is not created equal. Below is a chart which reflects the key differences and similarities between two Philips Medical C-Arms.


ModelPhilips BV PulseraPhilips BV Endura
What differentiates this system from the competition?Excellent penetration from 15 x W monoblock generator & rotating anode; cardiovascular packages; 12 in stand monitor for operator on compact footprint; dose conscious designValue-priced system; vascular package; monoblock generator; compact footprint; touchscreen LCD, USB storage; dose-conscious design
Heat capacity300,000 anode; 1,900,000 housing50,100 anode
Cooling system/featuresActive oil circulation; monoblockNot specified
Power rating, kW@ 100 kVp15 kW at 110 kVp3.15 kW at 110 kVp
mA range15-75 mA20 mA fixed
mAs range0.2-120 mAs2-80 mAs
kV range40-120 kV40-110 kV
mA range0.1-20 mA0.1-7.2 mA
Size, cm (in.)19 in. high brightness color LCD19 in. TFT std or high brightness color LCD
Image matrix size1,280 x 1,0241,280 x 1,024
Free space, cm (in.)78 (31)78 (31)
Depth, cm (in.)61 (24)61 (24)
Orbital rotation, degree135 (+90/-45 angulation)135 (+90/-45 angulation)
Pivot rotation, degree'+/- 180 (lateral)'+/- 180 (lateral)
H X W x D of C-Arm frame, cm (in.)9 in.: 173 x 81 x 196 (68 x 32 x 77), 12 in.: 182 x 81 x 196 (72 x 32 x 77)9 in.: 168 x 81 x 188 (68 x 32 x 74), 12 in.: 177 x 81 x 188 (72 x 32 x 74)


If you have any additional questions or concerns in regards to your potential C-Arm Scanner purchase, please do not hesitate to email Amber’s C-Arm specialist in order to gain more insight and information on your potential purchase.



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