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C-Arms: Full Size vs. Mini

C-Arms are imaging scanner intensifiers, and were named C-Arm due to their “C” like shape. They are primarily used for surgical, orthopedic, critical care, and emergency care procedures. There are two different types of C-ArmsFull Size, and Mini.

A common question that is often asked by potential clients here at Amber when they begin to look for used and refurbished C-Arms for sale, is whether they should be looking at a Full Size C-Arm, or a Mini C-Arm.

When beginning to think about acquiring a C-Arm for your practice, you must take a few different factors into consideration.

Orthoscan HD mini C-arm 250w1
Orthoscan HD mini C-arm 250w1

Mini C-Arms are usually used for X-rays of extremities such as arms, knees, and feet. The pros of a Mini C-Arm include: easy maneuverability, easier image accessibility, cuts delays, cuts costs, less radiation exposure, and reduced screening time.

The cons include smaller images and less power. They are also more fragile than their larger counterparts.

Full size C-arms

When it comes to Full Size C-Arms, they are more powerful, and have more room for larger format printers.

The main con for a Full Size C-Arm would be the space requirement, since you would need a large enough room to accommodate such a large piece of machinery.

Also note that the radiation of a Full Size C-Arm is much more prevalent than in a Mini, so taking that into consideration should be helpful.

In the end, it comes down to what areas you focus on at your practice and what you feel to be the best decision for you and your patients. If you have any other questions regarding C-Arms, and/or feel as if you are ready to purchase one of our used and remanufactured C-Arms, feel free to give Amber Diagnostics a call and our experts will be sure to help.

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