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Going Digital with Rad Rooms…Is It Meant for You?

Providing x-ray services for referring doctors or for your own patients is an added value, but the cost to perform these services (especially with cuts in reimbursements) can pose a challenge. In turn, this can also mean that going digital with your Rad Room could be an unrewarding investment. The good news is that as technology expands, prices are coming down. Before going digital with your rad room, be sure to explore other options and look into your patient volume, review reimbursements, and see if it would be financially feasible.

“I want a Rad Room, but I want my images to be digital!”
This is a common issue for our clients all around the world. We suggest they consider buying a Computer Radiology (CR) System along with their Rad Room.

The CR can be used with any analog Rad Rooms by taking the x-ray (similar to how x-rays are performed now), but using a CR Plate instead. After the x-ray is taken, the plate is then placed inside the CR system where it is scanned and processed. The image then appears on the CR workstation where it can then be burned to a CD, sent via the Internet to a radiologist, or printed to film (if necessary) to a Dry Laser Camera.
The CR System is an affordable solution for anyone wanting to go digital without experiencing the high costs associated with a Digital Rad Room.

How does someone go film-less with an x-ray room?
Going with a direct digital rad room is an option for those who want to go film-less. This means you can take an x-ray, and the image is immediately transferred to a workstation where it can be burned to a CD or sent via the Internet to a reading radiologist.

The downside of having the direct digital Rad Room arrangement is that the initial cost can be pricey, and one of the negative implications in the global market is the cost for service and parts. The digital detector alone can cost anywhere from $35,000 to $45,000 (USD).


Though it is an option for our clients, until there are more of these digital rad rooms on the market, we feel that it may not be a practical investment for emerging markets.

If you need further assistance in making a decision on a digital rad room, or other imaging devices, contact us anytime. We’re here to help!

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