A “computerized tomography” CT Machine takes a series of X-ray slices of the body in order to produce a 3D internal image. It has many different uses, including diagnosing lung, liver, and pancreatic cancer. When discussing CT Machines, the scanners are differentiated by the number of slices they have. The slice number correlates to the space between the slices. A lot of people wonder about the differences in lower slice CT Machines versus higher slice CT Machines, and the confusion can lead to a common question.


“The higher the slice number, the better the CT Machine, correct?”


It depends. Fewer slices mean more space between the slices and therefore a larger chance of missing something, as well as a tedious scan.


Siemens SOMATOM Sensation 64 Slice CT Machine

Siemens SOMATOM Sensation 64 Slice


However, a lot of discussion regarding the better CT Machine would be due to the patient. If the patient is healthy, with a low heart rate, there would be no need for a higher slice CT scan, as they’d be able to hold their breath for the length of the scan.


The reality is that some patients are unhealthy, and cannot hold their breath for long, which means they’d need a higher slice CT machine.


It also has to do with cost and radiation. A 256 slice machine, for example, would be much more expensive and have much more radiation than a 16 slice machine, but would produce higher resolution images. A higher slice CT can produce an image of a heart in a single beat, but it all depends on the physician if higher cost and the risk of excess radiation is worth better quality images.


In the end, weighing the pros and cons, doing your research, and talking to an expert here at Amber will be your best bet.


GE LightSpeed RT 16 Slice CT Machine

GE LightSpeed RT 16 Slice


This blog post has hopefully answered some of your more key questions regarding CT Machine and their slice numbers. For all of your other CT Machine concerns, Amber Diagnostics’ highly trained professionals are here to help you in every step of the purchasing process, and you can contact them any time.





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