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How Much Does a CT Scanner Cost?

Wondering how much a CT Scanner costs and which one’s right for you? Medical imaging equipment scans are some of the most well-known and most used scans in the world. Yet, these practices are also one of the priciest. While it is known that radiation may cause cancer, the radiation from the medical imaging equipment is usually a small possibility. The more immediate concern of someone facing a new diagnosis through these practices is worrying about the cost.


For someone receiving a medical imaging test, paying a significant amount of charges for it is unavoidable since imaging technology for the scans cost a lot to develop and maintain. However, this is just a fraction of the real costs incurred by patients.


Medical imaging equipment is very costly, and each type of device comes in a different range of prices, Hospitals then recover these costs through imaging charges.


Are you thinking about purchasing a CT scanning device and having trouble being able to determine the type and price range of the purchase to be made for the imaging device?


Deciding on the right piece of equipment for the facility can be hard. It would typically involve a system appropriate and adequate for patients while being within the budget.


Many people may ask the question – “How much does a CT machine cost?”, but there isn’t an obvious answer that can be given. Multiple factors influence the price for the purchase.


Some of the most important factors include: the brand, tube, number of slices produced, and whether or not it is a new, used, or refurbished machine.


Generally, the higher the amount of slices the system would be able to produce, the more expensive the system becomes. The slices define the clarity of the images the device would generate. This includes 4-8, 16-32, 64, 128, and scanners with more than 256 slices are available too.


Other factors that could influence how much a CT scanner costs include:


• Brand.

The prices may vary quite differently from each other depending on the brands. However, the best brands include Toshiba, GE, Siemens, and Philips.
Although the prices don’t have a significant variation when it comes to brand, the main reason for selecting from these devices is if you have specific preferences or have easier access to a particular brand.


• How old the Scanner is.

The year of manufacturing matters, especially if the system is a very old one. Also, the age often determines if the options available are more up-to-date. The system’s software can also affect the price.


• Tube.

The tube specifications can have a major impact on the price of the device. This is because they are very difficult and expensive to replace. The lifetime of a tube is unknown, but inactivity may have an effect.


• Warranty and installation.

Most medical imaging resellers don’t regularly offer a warranty if you have decided to perform the installation yourself. Naturally, the included warranty would raise the price.


While these are factors to consider when purchasing a good device, selecting the right system is essential to making sure it performs well in the long-run while being cost-efficient in the moment.
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