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Costs to Know when Purchasing a Rad Room

Intro to Rad Room Costs

The technology and features on new Rad Rooms have not changed within the last ten years. This makes refurbished equipment a great option for facilities on a limited budget. And in some cases, minor adjustments can be made to meet specific needs of any medical practice or hospital. As you hunt for bargains keep in mind there is more to Rad Room costs than just the sales price.

5 Key Price Points to Consider When Purchasing a Rad Room

So what are the associated Rad Room costs? The following are five essential costs to consider when purchasing Radiographic Rooms. Adding these costs will allow you to compare and determine what the most affordable options are for you.

  1. Sales price: Can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands depending on the make and model of the unit. The market range for a Refurbished Digital Rad Room today is between $45,000 and $65,000; in comparison to buying a brand-new system at $95,000 to $105,000.
  2. Maintenance. When considering rad room costs, don’t forget about repairs and replacement of parts. Just like a car, high-tech x-ray equipment requires scheduled maintenance checks to insure optimal performance.  Older equipment may be cheaper but may need more repairs over time. Here are some examples of some basic repairs. Major expenses: X-ray tubes, generators, transformers, ceiling mounts, tables, and chest boards. Minor expenses: Cables, collimators, switches, and locks
  3. Delivery and installation costs involves packaging, shipping, import or export licenses and legal documents.
  4. Operation costs: State of the art equipment with newer features and complex software packages requires extensive training.  Facilities that have high-turnover rate will have to pay overtime to train new hires. Here is something else to consider, quality equipment can improve employee retention and inspire ideal candidates to apply for jobs.
  5. Energy Usage: Monthly utility costs can be a factor if the unit uses a lot of Kilowatts. Typically, x-ray generators use up to 100 KW of electrical power depending on the unit and daily volume of the department. Have your biomedical engineer check out the energy consumption before purchasing.

Including these Rad Room costs in your initial estimates will save you from surprising budget overrun and ensure you get the best deal for your practice.

installed quantum radiographic room

Don’t Forget to Consider Patient Comfort

Patients come to your facility for a solution to their medical problems. As a health care professional, you want to provide your patients with the best diagnosis possible. Make sure the patient’s comforts are considered in the decision as well.

For example, can the patient easily get up and down on the table? Is the table too hard? Can the patient move from side to side without falling off the edge?

Without proper imaging equipment, serious health issues may be missed, or important procedures delayed because of faulty equipment. The cheapest rad room on the market may not be the best option for your patients.  

rad room in use by patient scanning head

We Take Care of the Headaches

Purchasing equipment can be a difficult task and should not be left to chance. Your job as an Imaging Director or Lead Technologist depends on good purchasing decisions.

Make sure you do your homework and that you’ve considered all the rad room costs with the above price points. Remember, one bad purchasing decision can hinder the imaging department’s workflow for years to come.  

At Amber Diagnostics we take every Rad Room costs into consideration including:

  • sales price
  • maintenance
  • energy consumption
  • operation costs
  • delivery
  • training
  • patient comfort/safety

When you contact us, our experienced X-Ray reps will guide you every step of the way from Rad Room costs to installation and training. We will leave nothing to chance. We have over 27 years of experience refurbishing and installing Rad Rooms in hospitals, out-patient clinics, and other facilities.

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