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MRI Open Spotlight: Siemens Magnetom Concerto

Siemens is known for their dedication to patient comfort, and the Magnetom Concerto is a great example of this

More and more doctors are interested in installing an Open MRI machine, for a ton of different reasons. It could be that they are concerned about claustrophobic patients, or obese patients, or they might be more concerned with performing joint motion studies, which is a feature that Closed MRI’s do not offer.

One of the best Open MRI’s on the market right now is the Siemens Magnetom Concerto. Siemens is known for their dedication to patient comfort, and the Magnetom Concerto is a great example of this.

Not only is the Concerto comfortable, but it is also low on noise and has lower scan times. It provides a wide selection of advanced sequences and optimizes workflow with its high-performance workstation. Some key features on the Siemens Magnetom Concerto include:

  • Complete application at an affordable price.
  • ACR assistance with ASAP package (optional).
  • Ability to scan a wide range of patients.
  • User interface syngo which is simple to use.
  • Acquisition Times content.
  • Efficiency in investment return.
  • Security equivalent to that of the new systems which is 12 months.
  • Flexible, customizable service contracts.

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The Magnetom Concerto Open is the economical choice for any doctor thinking about purchasing an Open MRI. You’ll receive an excellent Return on Investment and low life cycle costs which enjoying the low floor space requirements of only 320 square feet. Some technical aspects of the Magnetom Concerto Open are:

  • C-Shaped Permanent Magnet
  • Weight is 11t (24.250 Ibs)
  • One of the most powerful gradient systems in Open MRI
  • 20mT/m gradient field strength
  • Slew rate of 40T/m/s
  • Efficient Coil Concept

If you are interested in discussing the Siemens Magnetom Concerto more in depth, contact one of our MRI experts here.


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