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Philips Continuing its Claim

Philips continues to make its claims as one of the main players radiology equipment on a worldwide scale

As the imaging market continues to grow even in this turbulent economic climate, Philips continues to make its claims as one of the main players on a worldwide scale. Sales are often times a good indicator of how a company will fare on a market level. GE, Philips, and Siemens are constantly jockeying for position while new players like Samsung are fighting for a spot. Philips is ensuring its position by not only trying to match GE’s ambitious market moves but also by using its vast resources to engage in the creation of new technologies that will eventually expand the market and give them a leg up.

We all know and love diagnostic imaging’s cornerstone, the X-Ray and we know that the X-Ray has a rich and colorful history. Now, because of Philips, the X-Ray is getting another page added to its history. The FDA cleared Philips’ new Allura Clarity interventional X-Ray system. The purpose of this system is the provision of high-quality imaging for a host of clinical procedures. Philips already produces top of the line CT scanners and MRI scanners which stand out as some of the most requested in the market, both new and refurbished.

This kind of technology is extremely powerful as this kind of equipment uses low doses of radiation for patients of all shapes and sizes, addressing the concern of high radiation doses possibly exposing patients to a cancer risk. While this just got cleared by the FDA, Philips already sold over 200 systems outside the US since the middle of 2012. Chances are that sales will likely increase and that over the next decade it will be in high demand as a part of the refurbished equipment sales market, currently experiencing great international growth.

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Philips’ clarity IQ technology is proprietary but it’s likely that GE and Siemens will work hard to develop something similar to this. Low dosage interventional radiology procedures have become a major focus given the multiple statistics released over the last 2 years that project radiation exposure cancer cases at over 30,000. This development gives the X-Ray and X-Ray market a new life.

What this means for the long term, outside of a new technology aiding procedures, and improving the diagnosis and treatment of complex conditions, is uncertain. Chances are that Philips will take a lead as a developer and probably in its international sales over the competition. Ultimately this is another great development helpful to the market and more importantly to the patient.

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