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A New Hope for the Market and Against Breast Cancer

3D breast biopsy has been launched as Hologic C-View synthesized 2D mammography images for a breast tomosynthesis system

As the economy becomes more unpredictable day by day, all markets suffer, including the emerging juggernaut known as the diagnostic imaging market. Even though diagnostic imaging and medical technologies as a whole looks to be at well over 30 billion dollars in a five-year period, there are periods that see a drop, an ebb in the flow of progress. A huge hope for increasing the market and making the industry far more robust is the creation of new technology and the improvement of existing diagnostic imaging technology.

With CT scannersMRIs, and X-Rays, becoming more sophisticated in terms of image detail, contrast agents and levels of radiation, it’s fair to say the market is looking at greater numbers both domestically and internationally. The battle against breast cancer has one modality that’s always been the standard, the mammography X-Ray. Industry standards such as the GE Diamond, GE DMR Plus, and many others have not only been useful in the fight against breast cancer but they have also been a major part of the diagnostic imaging market, especially in countries whose healthcare drivers include aggressive fights against cancer.

Well as a major player in so far as the creation, sales, and repair of medical technologies. Mammography X-Rays are statistically a big player in terms of sales because it’s been established that early detection is a major key in terms being able to treat and cure breast cancer. There is a new technology that will likely become a major standard in terms of dealing with breast cancer.

A form of 3D breast biopsy has been launched as Hologic C-View synthesized 2D mammography images for a breast tomosynthesis system. The purpose is to accurately target regions of interest. This type of technology is huge news simply because it offers up a new manner of hope in the fight against breast cancer. While this technology is still in its infancy in so far as how and where it’s been performed, it offers hope for cancer and growth potential for the market as well. In an article published on the description states that the purpose of this technology is to detect lesions not always detected in 2D imaging.

Chances are that everyone will follow suit, especially GE. Companies are putting tremendous stock into the fight against multiple and complex types of cancers which have played major roles in shaping the statistics of life expectancy, and survival rates throughout the world. It will be interesting to see how this technology is likely to be received in the market as a whole.

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The UPMC conducted the first 3D guided breast biopsy in the US. What this means is that women may well feel more comfortable with breast cancer screening and they are likely to welcome screenings more often. The UPMC, located in Pittsburgh, PA., is the example that other hospitals both larger and smaller are likely to follow over the next four or five years. Considering the strong drivers for better healthcare in the US, there is likely to be a major shift in the medical technology market. In terms of the statistics that see a 4 billion dollar increase in the US medical technologies market, the increase will likely be bigger by virtue of the fact that this technology plays a part in a highly public battle against breast cancer.

It’s possible that the numbers could stay the same as 3D guided biopsy may experience slow growth, but, given the current economic climate domestically and abroad, it’s impossible to tell. As growth continues well into 2017 and the projection exceeds 26 billion, it’s hopeful to be optimistic about what this technology can do and how it can improve the fight against breast cancer.

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