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A New Mammomat Edition

Breast cancer is a chief concern in the world of diagnostic imaging. Mammography, biopsy, and many other exams are done in order to help keep breast cancer from becoming impossible to handle. The FDA has cleared Siemens’ new system, the MAMMOMAT Inspiration Prime edition, a new variation on the MAMMOMAT system.

The MAMMOMAT prime edition addresses what many other new developments are addressing, radiation dosage.

Radiation dosage has been a major concern in all manners of diagnostic imaging from MRIs to CT scans. It’s understandable that Siemens wants to address that concern and ensure that patients have less stress when going for breast cancer screening. Existing equipment such as the MAMMOMAT 3000 Nova from Siemens takes into account many factors for screening and this latest addition to the family pretty much rounds out the pack. Siemens is not only taking breast cancer seriously but it’s also taking its place in the market to a new level.

According to spec, the MAMMOMAT Inspiration Prime reduces the radiation by close to 30 %. Siemens has been using MAMMOMAT for over six years and it’s setting an example by using an existing line and improving it with a new piece of equipment that will, along with other developments, help in terms of increasing the number of breast cancer screenings.

All manufacturers of diagnostic imaging equipment are making inroads in the fight against cancer and also opening up a major channel internationally. Countries that are re-evaluating their healthcare systems, the BRIC countries, and new major markets, are taking an initiative against cancer, in some ways following the US lead in its fight against breast cancer.

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