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Radiopharmaceuticals and Cancer

Radiopharmaceuticals and Cancer: One Trying Hard to Beat the Other

Cancer is the one constant battle that health care has. Prior to AIDS becoming the major disease, cancer was the one major battle that was fought with sometimes dismal results. Today cancer is still a major fight but it’s a major fight that’s sometimes easier to win. With diagnostic imaging procedures becoming more and more sophisticated, diagnosing and treating several forms of complex cancer is becoming a less difficult task. We still have those possibilities of cancer spreading, coming back, and pretty much doing what it set out to do.

Along with advancements in diagnostic imaging, there are advancements in pharmaceuticals that are helping in the battle against cancer. With the increase in diagnostic imaging procedures beyond X-RaysCT Scans, and MRIs, there is a major drive forward in the business of radiopharmaceuticals. Radiopharmaceuticals are the treatment drugs that contain radioactive materials. These types of drugs help treat cancer or at the very least relieve cancer symptoms.

Radiopharmaceuticals come with their share of baggage, as does anything in health care. There is always a concern with the word radiation. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, radiation always sends up that red flag. Radiopharmaceuticals are proving a necessity, especially when considering the statistics of life expectancy. People are lasting much longer and as a result of that, they are also going through greater needs for cardiovascular, oncological, and neurological imaging procedures.

The radiopharmaceuticals industry is projected to grow to close to 8 billion dollars by 2018, according to report due for release by Global Report Analysts. Chances are that this report will produce an argument against continued diagnostic imaging procedure. People looking at it from a cost only perspective will likely say that this is just a way to drive up prices, or procedure quantity in order to create a mutual benefit society between pharmaceuticals and imaging.

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The fact is that the imaging industry is constantly making strides forward in an attempt to reduce the number of procedures that a patient has to undergo. There are multiple efforts in place attempting to regulate price for patients, and there is a push to create more effective pharmaceuticals. Radiopharmaceuticals are a necessity, especially when dealing cancer. While the projections for radiopharmaceuticals are enormous, at a rate of 1.6 billion per year, it’s important to note what they do. As the drives for better health care push on worldwide, it’s fair to assume that manufacturers, as well as providers, will push forward in creating fair and acceptable price ranges that will not cripple a patient.

The ultimate goal is to weaken complex conditions, if not totally eradicate them. The growth in radiopharmaceuticals is an example of how, in the coming years, the push forward will only increase patient survival rates and quality of life.

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Bobby Serros