This past year, at the 28th annual European Association of Nuclear Medicine in Hamburg, Germany, Siemens introduced the smallest PET-CT scanner yet: the Siemens Biograph Horizon. According to the Siemens website, the company promises clinical versatility, with premium LSO based detectors, and Time of Flight technology, which will enable physicians to go beyond the facilities of BGO-based2 PET-CT scanner for high count-rate applications.



With the Biograph Horizon PET-CT Scanner, one will be able to spot smaller lesions with high resolution images, which will subsequently help physicians to plan an efficient treatment for the patient. The machine will be simplistic enough to streamline day to day tasks and lead to better flow in the office and happier patients, increasing productivity and the ability to start examining cases straight away.



Biograph Horizon, the smallest PET-CT scanner



Furthermore, due to the Biograph Horizons uncanny ability to run efficiently with the lowest power costs, the machine will extend the economic life of the system, and be an intelligent decision for physicians looking to only produce a small footprint with their purchase. It will support clinical needs, while simultaneously keeping maintenance expenses under control.



As of right now, the Biograph Horizon PET-CT Scanner is pending 510(k) clearance and is not yet available in the US or in all countries worldwide, and due to regulatory reasons, there is no guarantee on its future availability. However, if it reaches that point in the future, the Biograph Horizon PET-CT Scanner will most certainly be a front runner in the race for top spot in the PET-CT scanner market.




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