4 important things to consider when signing a c-arm service contract

Ongoing service of medical imaging equipment is essential, and while it’s smart to shop around for competitive service pricing, it’s important to remember that not all service contracts are created equally. If you’ve considered a service contract for your C-arm that has a great price but seems too good to be true, you might need to double check some of the crucial aspects of the coverage.

Before you consider signing up with a service provider for your C-Arm, consider the following:

Coverage for glassware.

The glassware on your C-Arm is the most important and expensive part of the equipment to replace. In addition to that, you should be aware that nearly every regularly-used C-Arm system may have to use and dispose of several tubes in the course of its lifespan. That means that you’re guaranteed to need at least one replacement. Thus if your service contract doesn’t cover glassware, it will leave you with the bill.

Guaranteed response.

Make sure to look for a service provider that issues guaranteed time of response. Typically, no service provider would work beyond their means. But if you’re in the middle of a crisis and time is of the essence, it’s always helpful to know when exactly you can get a hold of your provider.

Consider asking the following from the potential service providers:
• How many engineers are available in the area?
• How close is the nearest engineer?
• What is the approximate time duration until one of the engineers would cater to our requirements?

Guaranteed uptime percentage.

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to provide your C-Arm services because of downtime. Some service providers that offer lower prices try to save money by canceling appointments with their current clients just to obtain other new clients. Make sure that the place you’re opting for has a reputation for providing efficient services and has a guaranteed uptime percentage. Always try to find reviews on the service providers you’ve narrowed down.

Limit of liability.

Obtain information about the maximum amount that a service provider is willing to spend in a year to keep your C-Arm system up and running. There may be some parts on your C-Arm that cost as much as the entire service contract to be repaired. Because of that, consider the limit of liability that could give you enough of a financial buffer to ensure your entire system’s covered.

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