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Would Mobile CT Scanners Be the Right Choice for Smaller Hospitals?

Smaller hospitals can take advantage of mobile CT scanners

One thing all medical practitioners who use CT scanners are familiar with is that they take up quite a lot of space in a hospital. While this may not be a big problem for large hospitals that have sufficient space, it may become a problem for smaller hospitals that may be struggling with enough space to accompany large imaging equipment. While space is limited, there would still be the need for medical imaging. That’s where mobile CT scanners could be of use.

However, there are certain areas to consider when deciding on mobile CT scanners to be used within a hospital for its imaging services.

The cost of mobile CT scanners:

Mobile CT scanners and medical imagine equipment in general are known for being quite expensive. Additional items and personnel needed to operate this equipment will also drive up the expense. Also, maintenance for these devices can be costly as well.

It wouldn’t make sense to invest capital into equipment as significant as imaging equipment unless you’re familiar with the practices or the facility can recoup the costs over a reasonable amount of time. If it doesn’t make sense to invest in an imaging device, it would be a good idea to explore your options before making the purchase. Imaging services can be a viable option as well. A medical imaging service can be an excellent option to consider since they are responsible for equipment, staffing, maintenance, management and a few other additional costs associated with the use of imaging equipment. However, their devices are generally used and refurbished.

Why pre-owned devices? The popularity of used and refurbished equipment has been growing significantly over the years. This is due to the efficiency and reliability of well-established brands and the used devices themselves typically being ¼ of the original cost.

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Amount of work:

How many patients would require the use of a CT scan or other medical imaging scans in a month or a year? The volume of these uses should be managed and taken into account. Purchasing medical imaging equipment wouldn’t be the right choice if it wouldn’t generate profits. Using medical imaging services allows you to make a permanent decision through temporary services.

Another thing to consider is the functionality of used and refurbished equipment. These devices work just as well as brand new equipment while being far less in cost. Used and refurbished medical imaging companies also provide customers with the option of multiple different brands to choose from. That way if you have a preference in your mobile devices, they could be provided to you at a significantly reduced price.


Even if you are guaranteed the demand for your medical imaging, you may not have the right amount of space for your new device. The cost of real estate may also seem like too much to take on for the justification of the installation for the equipment. For that reason, in these cases, it would make far more sense to make use of mobile CT scanners that would be half the size and cost, and could conveniently be moved around for optimal efficiency.

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