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Second Hand Radiology Equipment – Things to Know

The purchasing and usage of second hand radiology equipment is rising exponentially. It’s no secret that budgets are shrinking significantly in the current reality of the healthcare sector. Few facilities actually have the resources present to afford all the latest and sophisticated equipment. Nevertheless, healthcare providers are being urged to decrease the amount of time taken for waiting, improve the outcome of the patients, and deliver an overall greater standard of health-care than before.

In order to meet patients’ requirements – medical practitioners, hospitals, and clinics are now purchasing used and refurbished radiology equipment to free up resources that can be allocated to other areas of the organization’s budget.

However, buying used and refurbished medical imaging equipment does come with risks. When making such an important purchase, it’s vital to make sure you get quality radiology equipment in order to grow your business rather than hinder it.

Whether you’re a large hospital, a small start-up clinic, or even a private practice, medical equipment becomes the staple of your industry. Being reliable and useful is essential. Because of this, multiple hospitals feel the need to have brand new, cutting-edge equipment with a full warranty, replacement, and maintenance program. However, during less ideal financial times, refurbished equipment has become popular in the industry due to reliability, scalability, efficiency, and most importantly affordability.

A few things to know before you buy second hand radiology equipment:

• A great deal of money can be saved.
When you purchase used and refurbished equipment, it’s merely a fraction of the cost of brand new equipment. Therefore, if you do have budget concerns, you’ll want to consider buying pre-owned. When you take into account the depreciation rate among medical devices, buying used can be a very clever investment.

• You should be careful about the vendor.
As with all large purchases, it’s essential to have a reputable supplier. Seeking an organization that has a reputation for issuing quality products at a reasonable price should be your goal.

• The level of refurbishment can be selected.
Multiple medical equipment companies will issue several levels that the device can be refurbished into. Know what your needs and preferences are so that you can get the best value out of your purchase.

• Warranties are available.
Certified equipment will typically come with several months for the warranty. Devices with lower levels of refurbishment usually come without one however. Inquiring about the warranty is vital before purchasing equipment that is second hand and refurbished.

• Equipment may need to be replaced sooner.
Although there’s plenty of high-quality used machinery available, it is still used. With that in mind, replacement of parts would be required more often than brand new equipment. This is valid unless it is certified pre-owned.

While these are all factors to consider when seeking second hand radiology equipment – frankly, one of the most important factors is selecting the right vendor or organization issuing those devices.

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