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Hologic Discovery Bone Density Machine

The Hologic Discovery bone density machine helps identify patients at risk for osteoporosis and fractures with exceptional precision and accuracy

Hologic Discovery Overview

The Hologic Discovery helps identify patients at risk for osteoporosis and fractures with exceptional precision and accuracy. It also provides the highest resolution vertebral imaging for the visualization of abdominal aortic calcifications, a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, and vertebral fractures. It also has Advanced Body Composition assessment that displays the distribution of fat, lean tissue, and bones.

  • Express BMD 10 Second Spine and Hip acquisition
  • Express Exam Productivity Tools
  • Better than 1.0 % in vivo precision
  • L1-L4 Standard Spine Analysis
  • Five Region Proximal Femur Analysis (Total Femur, Femoral Neck,
  • Inter-Trochanteric,Trochanteric, Wards Triangle)
  • AcuView automated Dual Femur
  • Instant Vertebral Assessment High Definition (IVA HD) with Image Pro
  • 15 second single energy acquisition with decubitus or supine patient positioning
  • 1.8 Line Pair per mm Resolution
  • Visual, Quantitative and Semi-quantitative analysis of vertebral bodies:
  • MXApro, computer-aided fracture assessment tool
  • Quantitative Morphometry with 6 point vertebral height measurements
  • Forearm analysis with automated analysis of Ultra Distal, 33% Shaft, Mid-Shaft and Total ROI for Ulna, Radius and Global measurements
  • Tech Tips Onscreen help graphically displays proper patient positioning
  • Automatic Low BMD Spine and Hip Analysis
  • Scoliotic Spine Analysis
  • Pediatric Spine, Hip, and Whole Body (W and A models only) Analysis
  • Infant Spine analysis down to age zero
  • ISCD Compliant Standardized BMD Reporting
  • Single/Dual Energy Image Display
  • Context Sensitive Help Software
  • Serial Scan Comparison
  • Software and Hardware upgrades available to protect from obsolescence
  • Forearm
  • Dual Hip
  • Proximal Femur
  • AP Spine
  • IVA
  • Computer, Printer, Monitor
  • Phantoms
  • Operators Manual
  • Positioners
  • New Table Pad