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hologic discovery w bone densitometers

Hologic Discovery W Bone Densitometer

The Hologic Discovery W; Express BMD 10 Second Spine and Hip acquisition; Express Exam Productivity Tools; Better than 1.0 % in vivo precision

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hologic discovery w bone densitometers


The Hologic Discovery W; Express BMD 10 Second Spine and Hip acquisition; Express Exam Productivity Tools; Better than 1.0% in vivo precision; L1-L4 Standard Spine Analysis; Five Region Proximal Femur Analysis (Total Femur, Femoral Neck; Inter-Trochanteric,Trochanteric, Wards Triangle); AcuView automated Dual Femur; Instant Vertebral Assessment High Definition (IVA HD) with Image Pro; 15 second single energy acquisition with decubitus or supine patient positioning.


Hologic Discovery W Bone Densitometer gives you the following benefits:

  • 1.8 Line Pair per mm Resolution
  • Visual, Quantitative and Semi-quantitative analysis of vertebral bodies.
  • MXApro, computer-aided fracture assessment tool.
  • Quantitative Morphometry with 6 point vertebral height measurement.
  • Forearm analysis with automated analysis of Ultra Distal, 33% Shaft, Mid-Shaft and Total ROI for Ulna, Radius and Global measurements.
  • Tech Tips Onscreen help graphically displays proper patient positioning.
  • Automatic Low BMD Spine and Hip Analysis.
  • Scoliotic Spine Analysis.
  • Pediatric Spine, Hip, and Whole Body (W and A models only) Analysis.
  • Infant Spine analysis down to age zero.
  • ISCD Compliant Standardized BMD Reporting.
  • Single/Dual Energy Image Display.
  • Context Sensitive Help Software.
  • Serial Scan Comparison.


Hologic Discovery W Bone Densitometer provides you with with the following Specification:

  • Size: 650lbs
  • Weight: 6.3ft x 3.5ft
  • Calibration: Internal Reference System for Pixel by Pixel Data Calibration (No daily calibration required)
  • Detector Technology: 128 CdWO4 Element Solid state Detectors
  • Frequency (Hz): 50/60 Hz
  • Power Supply Voltage: Energy switching technique using 140/100kV Peak Energies
  • Scan Area: 195cm x 65cm scan window
  • Scanner table: Controls on scan table for User Convenience, Motorized Table and Rotating C-arm (A/SL models only)
  • Scanning Method: AP and Decubitus Lateral Instant Vertebral Assessment HD with Image Pro • 5 Minute Whole Body BMD Scan with Automated 9 region analysis protocol for • 9 Region Analysis Protocol for BMD and Body Composition Analysis • Sub-Region BMD and Body Composition Analysis • Calculation and display of Android and Gynoid sub-regions • Reflection-ability to reflect data for limbs when there are large differences between right and left limb
  • Table Dimensions: Compact Design fits in 2.3m x 3.0 room (2.6m x 3.3m with total body)
  • X-ray characteristics: Oil Cooled High Capacity X-ray Tube


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