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Siemens Definition Dual Source 128 Slice CT Scanner

The Siemens Definition Dual Source 128 Slice CT Scanner produces images with high resolution and speed

Siemens Definition DS 128 Slice CT Scanner

Siemens Definition Dual Source Overview

The 128 Slice Definition dual source CT Scanner produces images with twice the resolution and speed of the most advanced single-source CT systems, up to 128-slice CT scans, all without the need for a patient to take medications to slow the heart.


  • Up to 128-slice CT scans
  • Two X-ray tubes and an enhaced detector array
  • Up to 50 percent less radiation exposure
  • Faster than a heart beat
  • The most advanced CT technology available
  • Clear images without the use of beta blockers


Functions as a conventional single-source 128-slice CT scanner for head or body imaging.

Single-source 4D spiral
Patient is moved smoothly in and out of the gantry to provide 14-cm z-axis coverage for perfusion imaging

Dual-source cardiac
Both sources operate at the same energy to provide high temporal resolution (85 msec)

Dual-source Flash
Both sources operating at the same energy at pitch values up to 3.4 and provide 85 msec temporal resolution

Dual-source dual-energy
The two sources operate at different energies to characterize or classify materials

Dual-source obese
The two sources operate at the same energy to maximize scanner output (2x100kW)

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