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Philips Intera Master 1.5T MRI Scanner

The Philips Intera Master 1.5T MRI Scanner features a new and revolutionary ultra-compact, actively shielded, superconducting magnet

Philips Intera Master Overview

The Intera 1.5T features a new and revolutionary ultra-compact, actively shielded, superconducting magnet. The extremely lightweight magnet has two superconducting coil sets: the inner set produces the main magnetic field and the outer set reduces the external fringe field of the magnet to a minimum. Both coil sets are electrically connected in series for fail-safe operation. A superconducting main field compensation function corrects for field variations induced by moving Objects close to the magnet. High magnetic field homogeneity, achieved through passive shimming, ensures excellent image quality with a 53 cm field of view. With the patient in the magnet, this can be further improved by the dynamic FOV shimming technique The magnet has typical helium consumption as low as 0.03 l/hr for fixed site magnets (between 0.03 l/hr and 0.1 l/hr for mobiles, depending upon transportation conditions).


The Intera-family offers with this member a wide range of possibilities, efficiency and a ergonomic and intuitive serving-platform. Also available as Intera CV for cardiac and Intera I/T for interventional MR procedures.

The scanners are also equipped with SENSE technology, which is essential for high-quality contrast enhanced magnetic resonance angiography, interactive cardiac MR and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) fiber tracking.

The increased accuracy and clarity of MR scans obtained with this technology allow for faster and more accurate diagnosis of potential problems like patient friendliness and expands the breadth of applications including cardiology, oncology and interventional MR.


Software Options List: Basic SW, IHE Software, SMART-Scan brain, 2D-VCG, 6 RF Channels, 16 RF Channels, R2/R12 Enhancements, 8 RF Channels, Advanced EPI, GraSE, Reserved, High SENSE factors, Extended FOV, Keyhole, DWI, Phase Navigators, TE>TR, Functional MRI, Thrive, Q-Flow, Contrast ENH Perf, Moving Bed IMA, Adv. moving bed ima, Adv. peripheral angio, Whole body, Black blood prepulse, MSMP, Multivane, Retrospective, Prospective motion corr, T1 Perfusion, 3 point plan scan, Rescan, Diffusion calc, Perfusion calc, RT-Bold analysis, Q-Flow analysis, Multi Station view

  • Additional Workstation? No
  • Current Service Contract: Yes
  • Magnet Strength: 1.5T, F2000 Magnet
  • Current Helium Level: 67%
  • Gradient Type: Master/Nova
  • Number of RF Channels: 16
  • Cryogen boil-off rate: 0.0 l/hr*