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The E-scan is the RM System dedicated for imaging of the musculoskeletal joints such as the knee, calf, ankle, foot, hip, elbow, forearm, wrist, hand and shoulder. The unique structure of the E-scan makes it the most compact MRI system in the world, installed in very small spaces.


After having changed the world of musculoskeletal MR imaging in 1992 with the introduction of Artoscan, the first dedicated MRI, Esaote reached a new target, merging the advantages of dedicated and open MRI to create in the 1998. a new high quality and cost/effective system, the E-scan, that was the result of a long term development program, in close collaboration with major medical research institutes and clinical sites worldwide. E-Scan is the result of the Esaote's continuous commitment to further improvement. With E-scan , Esaote reinforces its international leadership position in the field of dedicated MRI providing a system with high throughput, outstanding image quality, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and patient comfort.

The patented magnet, the ergonomic design of patient table, the digital platform and the Windows® user’s interface make Escan another unique product by Esaote.
esaote e-scan extremity

Built on the high-definition platform you know and trust, ESAOTE E-Scan allows you to see more, do more and expect more than ever before.

Superb Image Quality Thanks to Esaote’s long term experience in Dedicated Extremity MRI, and the powerful software and hardware architecture of the E-Scan , the system guarantees the high image quality required nowadays in diagnostic MRI.

Cost Effectiveness The main characteristics for a dedicated extremity MRI scanner are optimized performances at a cost effective value due to its easy siting, minimal running costs and limited initial investment. E-scan has a maintenance-free permanent magnet, therefore no cryogenics or additional cooling systems are required and power consumption is very low (1 Kw) to assure low operating costs. With a reduced overall investment, E-scan performs very high quality joint examinations at a much more competitive cost than standard whole body MRI systems.

Ease of Use Simple to use and learn, E-Scan user interface is based on Windows® and enables intuitive workflow management. The imaging sequences are pre-programmed and in a few days of training, the technician can successfully operate the E-Scan .

The ESAOTE E-Scan brings you advanced technology like:

Permanent magnet with an intensity of field of 0.2 Tesla

Very compact, installation space of only 18 square meters

Low energy consumption: only 1 kW with normal power supply (220 / 110V)

Maximum patient comfort by eliminating the claustrophobic feeling

Complete set of dedicated coils

Sequences of pictures set for the District-Skeletal Muscle

Complete set of pre-defined sequences and protocols

Using protocols and custom exams

Scanogramma triplanar

User Interface: Windows

DICOM connectivity.



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